Equal Opportunities Policy

The Kindling Trust’s Equal Opportunities Policy

The Kindling Trust believes that diversity is a positive asset and values the contribution made by all members of society.

The Kindling Trust is committed to the principles and practices that support Equal Opportunities. We will endeavour to implement all aspects of this a policy in our work and the way we operate.

The Kindling Trust will strive to ensure that we do not discriminate against any person on the grounds of:
• Age
• Gender
• Race, nationality or colour
• Marital status
• Disability
• Sexuality
• Religion
• Responsibilities for dependants
• Unrelated criminal convictions

The Kindling Trust recognises that our policies and practice will have a direct impact on the individuals, communities and organisations that we work with. We will try to tackle any discrimination as it arises and work in a way that will provide a positive example to those with whom we work.

1.0 Project Delivery

1.1 We will ensure that our equal opportunities policy is reflected in our approach to project work and we will recognise and respond to issues of equal opportunities as and when they arise.

1.2 We will make every effort in our work to involve and engage under-represented groups and to ensure that their needs are taken into account.

1.3 We will endeavour to build good equal opportunities practice into all our training, networking and outreach activities.

1.4 We will aim to provide support and training to ensure all members and volunteers are aware of discrimination and are able to deal with this effectively.

1.5 All those involved in The Kindling Trust will be committed to taking positive steps through their day-to-day work to make these equal opportunities effective.

2.0 Employment and Recruitment

2.1 The Kindling Trust members (paid and voluntary) will be selected against fair and specified criteria and no one will receive less favourable treatment in terms of:

• Recruitment
• Salary
• Conditions of service
• Promotion
• Training
• Discipline
• Dismissal

2.2 The Kindling Trust will advertise all vacancies openly, although we reserve the right to advertise and appoint internally before proceeding to external advertising.

2.3 We will use a variety of media, as appropriate and within costs constraints, in order to ensure as wide a coverage as possible.

2.4 Equal Opportunities will be an integral part of induction training, which will be given to all involved in The Kindling Trust. Everyone will be given equal opportunity to develop professionally and personally within the organisation.

2.5 The Kindling Trust will invite and encourage the participation of a diverse range of people onto our working groups, in order to fully represent our existing and potential membership.

3.0 Implementation and Monitoring

3.1 Responsibility for the implementation and monitoring of this policy lies with the membership. The Personnel Working Group will review the policy every year and present changes to the membership as appropriate.

3.2 On receipt of an equal opportunities complaint the Personnel Working Group, will acknowledge the complaint and investigate by collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses. A report on the findings and recommendations will be made available to the complainant and any other person involved. Where a complaint is justified, appropriate action will be taken.

Policy reviewed on: September 2013.
New Review: September 2014.

The Kindling Trust is a not for profit social enterprise with charitable aims (Company number: 6136029).
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