Defining Sustainable Food

Mon, 02/01/2010
Fresh organic fruit & veg from Plawhatch Farm.

As part of the FeedingManchester events we have collectively been working on a definition of sustainable food. This is to ensure that any future action to green Manchester addresses our unsustainable food system, as well as being the foundation for the growing sustainable food movement in Greater Manchester.

Inspired by SUSTAIN's sustainable food definition, the process has taken over six months. We have tried to ensuring all the areas & aspects of food are covered, that the process continues to be inclusive, but crucially we are being honest about the changes we all need to make in the way we feed ourselves and our communities.

Many of us have passionate views about food, and there are many social & cultural aspects we need to consider, so it is not a definitive definition, and it will continue to be tweaked. Instead it is something we can collectively and individually work towards, built on sound science and a progressive & ethical consensus.

Click here to see the Sustainable Food Definition.

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