Coop's Inaugural Meeting

Inaugural meeting of the Carbon Coop
Sat, 06/11/2011
Carbon Coops inaugural meeting.

The 11th of June saw energy professionals, campaigners and local residents coming together to found Manchester's Carbon Coop! While pilots for the project have been run in various parts of South Manchester over the last few year, this was the point that the project was passed over to it's potential founding members. In a packed all-day meeting we hammered out details of how the Carbon Coop (and it's sister investment cooperative - the Carbon Saving Society)  would function and how they would be managed.

For the team that have been developing the idea it was the culmination of 3 years of work and we were very pleased to have so many people come onboard to help make the project a reality - we've been overwhelmed by peoples enthusiasm to be involved. The Carbon Co-op will now go through an incorporation process with a number of the attendees from Saturday acting as founding members. A formal launch will take place in the next few months when all the documents are signed.

For more info and details of how to get involved go to

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