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The Kindling Trust is committed to shared learning and allowing others to learn from our experiences, our successes and our mistakes, just as we have been grateful to learn from others.

There are some tools and policies which we have developed which other projects may find useful. If you wish to know more about how we work, please get in touch through our contact pages. 


Volunteer Policy


The Kindling Trust’s Volunteer Policy


This policy sets out the broad principles for voluntary involvement in The Kindling Trust (Kindling). It’s purpose is to ensure fairness, consistency and legal compliance in the management and support of volunteers.


1. Relevance and accessibility


Sustainable Production

FarmStart and Land Army

Kindling's long term vision is to create a rural base within 50 miles of Manchester which will include a farm, Eco-housing, a Social Enterprise Hub and a Centre for Social Change. There, building on our existing projects, we aim to create models for:

Sustainable Production, Sustainable Living and Social change 

Quality Assurance

The Kindling Trust takes the quality of its work very seriously, choosing to carry out a small number of tasks and projects well and so has adopted the PQASSO quality assurance system.

There are many quallity assurance sytems available but PQASSO is specifically focused on the third sector and was adopted by Kindling for the following reasons:


Tools for Consensus Decision Making

There is some really good information out there about consensus decision making – the pros and cons of it and how to put it into practice, so we're not going to repeat all that here.

Consensus is simply an opinion or position reached by the group as a whole. More commonly a group will be split between those who are agree with a decision and those who do not. Often a vote is taken with the majority view prevailing. With consensus no vote is taken, instead the group discuss an issue until a general agreement is reached.

Moss Side Carbon Co-op Launched

Sat, 03/27/2010
Carbon Coop Manual (Moss Side Edition) written by the Kindling Trust

Saturday 27th March 2010 saw the Moss Side launch event of the Carbon Co-op, a new low-carbon social enterprise based in South Manchester. Founded by local residents, the Carbon Co-op aims to bring together friends, neighbours and communities in a bulk buying co-operative, purchasing low carbon technologies, from energy monitors to solar panels, at discount.

The new social enterprise aims to bring green jobs and help Manchester meet its ambitious carbon reduction targets.

Starting With One Street

Tue, 03/09/2010
Carbon Co-op Workshop Materials.

Kindling has been working with South Manchester Carbon Co-op in preparation to pilot this unique initiative on two streets in Rusholme, South Manchester. Our role has been to develop the carbon co-op manual - giving top energy-saving tips; money-saving offers on things like insulation, car sharing schemes, energy saving appliances; and examples of the amazing things that other communities have done to reduce their carbon emissions and energy bills.

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