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New Smithfield Wholesale Market Report

Report into Manchester's New Smithfield Wholesale Fruit & Vegetable Market (NSM) and its’ role in the city’s food supply. The report aims to: • Illustrate how New Smithfield Market works, defining the roles of traders, agents, transporters etc. • Locate the source of fruit and vegetables sold on NSM, how they are transported to NSM and who they are sold to. • Identify good practice as well as potential and innovation of local growing. • Summarise the interest in and demand for locally produced fruit and vegetables. • Provide detailed information about how waste is managed at NSM.

Peace Brigades International in Manchester

Sat, 06/12/2010 to Sun, 06/20/2010
PBI trainers and potential recruits in the spring of 2009.

After spending a year in Guatemala working with Peace Brigades International: Guatemala, Kindling's Helen and Matt have continued their involvement with the human rights organisation. Twice a year Kindling makes a small contribution to this amazing organisation by hosting PBI Guatemala's training and selection process.

Over a week in June, Kindling will once again be providing logistics: travel, accommodation, catering etc. to enable the training and selection of new volunteers from across the world.

Defining Sustainable Food

Mon, 02/01/2010
Fresh organic fruit & veg from Plawhatch Farm.

As part of the FeedingManchester events we have collectively been working on a definition of sustainable food. This is to ensure that any future action to green Manchester addresses our unsustainable food system, as well as being the foundation for the growing sustainable food movement in Greater Manchester.

PBI Guatemala Training Week: October 2008

Sat, 10/18/2008 to Sun, 10/26/2008
Peace Bridages International training session.
We provide logistical support for the training and selection weeks of Peace Brigades International - Guatemala.

We provide logistical support for the training and selection weeks of Peace Brigades International - Guatemala. The weeks are a lot of work (for both the trainers and the participants) and Kindling feels that it is essential that the logisics flow smoothly, allowing the group to focus on their work. It is our role to arrange a suitable and affordable venue, provide materials and transport, look after the training team during the preparation and evaluation process, and provide the meals.

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