Tools for Consensus Decision Making

There is some really good information out there about consensus decision making – the pros and cons of it and how to put it into practice, so we're not going to repeat all that here.

Consensus is simply an opinion or position reached by the group as a whole. More commonly a group will be split between those who are agree with a decision and those who do not. Often a vote is taken with the majority view prevailing. With consensus no vote is taken, instead the group discuss an issue until a general agreement is reached.

Defining Sustainable Food

Mon, 02/01/2010
Fresh organic fruit & veg from Plawhatch Farm.

As part of the FeedingManchester events we have collectively been working on a definition of sustainable food. This is to ensure that any future action to green Manchester addresses our unsustainable food system, as well as being the foundation for the growing sustainable food movement in Greater Manchester.

Love your local farmer!: Valentine’s Day 2009

Sat, 02/14/2009
Kindling's Helen Woodcock kissing local grower Adam Ryan from Glebelands.
On Valentine’s Day 2009, Kindling launched its pocket-sized seasonal food calendar "The time is ripe", produced with the support of the Local Food Fund.

On Valentine’s Day 2009, Kindling launched its pocket-sized seasonal food calendar "The time is ripe", produced with the support of the Local Food Fund. The booklet and accompanying website aims to make the process of shopping for locally produced, seasonal fruit and vegetables easier. Alongside the seasonal food calendar are details of where to buy local, seasonal produce in Manchester as well as tips on selection and storage.

FeedingManchester #3

Sat, 02/13/2010
The third FeedingManchester publicity leaflet.

The third FeedingManchester event took place on Saturday 13th February 2010 to continue planning practical ways of making Greater Manchester's food system more sustainable.  The event focused on Manchester's Climate Change Action Plan, its aspiration for sustainable food and how the City's sustainable food movement can help ‘double the amount of locally grown food we eat’ over the next ten years.

The aim of FeedingManchester #3 was to:

Manchester in Particular Poster

This poster is an A to Z guide to Manchester’s unique political, cultural, ecological & economic landscape and was launched in late 2009. From icons to unsung heroes, the poster highlights what’s unique about our great city. Facts and figures, a few things we’ve lost in recent years, some of our troubles, and a bit of pertinent history. Mostly it’s about the individuals and projects battling to preserve the best of the past and make the best of now to ensure a sustainable and just future for all Mancunians.

FeedingManchester #1

Sat, 06/27/2009
The first FeedingManchester publicity leaflet.

June 2009 saw the first of a series of FeedingManchester events, looking at practical and strategic ways to increase access to local organic food in Greater Manchester. The day brought together thirty local sustainable food practitioners, ranging from commercial growers to restaurant owners, grocers and community growing projects.

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