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Sustainable Urban Food Production

Kindling's Chris Walsh gave a presentation to several hundred Manchester School of Architecture students on the issue of sustainable food in Manchester in mid-November 2009. As part of the students’ first year project they are exploring urban food production and consumption and the talk raised the many and interlinked problems with our present unsustainable food system and offered some potential solutions.

A History of Feeding Manchester

This chronological narrative of how Greater Manchester has been fed through the ages, looks at each decade from 1750 to the present day: looking at how a changing Manchester was fed, we can see our changing relationship with the countryside. How the ‘urban’ has come to dominate the ‘rural’ to make the most of market opportunities. A detachment from and disregard for the pastoral, and a reverence for the metropolis.

New Smithfield Wholesale Market Report

Report into Manchester's New Smithfield Wholesale Fruit & Vegetable Market (NSM) and its’ role in the city’s food supply. The report aims to: • Illustrate how New Smithfield Market works, defining the roles of traders, agents, transporters etc. • Locate the source of fruit and vegetables sold on NSM, how they are transported to NSM and who they are sold to. • Identify good practice as well as potential and innovation of local growing. • Summarise the interest in and demand for locally produced fruit and vegetables. • Provide detailed information about how waste is managed at NSM.

2009 Food Heritage Calendar

A 2009 calendar produced by the pupils of St. Margaret's Primary School as part of a local food history project where Kindling worked with staff, pupils and local residents to explore the heritage of food growing, cooking and selling in Whalley Range, South Manchester. Topics explored include the turning of 'The Moss' (bog) into fields and roads; Villa kitchen gardens; Digging for Victory during World War Two; the history of allotments, bee-keeping and orchards in the area as well as the cultural influences of Caribbean, Pakistani, Sikh, Polish, Somali and Arabic communities.

Farmers Markets: a case study of local food supply in Greater Manchester

This brief study was undertaken by Kindling in the summer of 2008 to explore a range of questions relating to food production, supply and distribution in Greater Manchester. This snapshot of three Greater Manchester Farmers' Markets took place to examine where food producers were coming from and to begin to explore traders' experiences of the markets studied.

Sustainable Fayre Report

This report: Sustainable Fayre, was written for Manchester City Council, which extensively explores ways for Manchester Fayre (the Council's in-house caterer responsible for school meals etc.) to lower the carbon impact of its food purchases and increase the uptake of sustainable food in the city, actively contributing to Manchester's Climate Change Action Plan.
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Manchester in Particular Poster

This poster is an A to Z guide to Manchester’s unique political, cultural, ecological & economic landscape and was launched in late 2009. From icons to unsung heroes, the poster highlights what’s unique about our great city. Facts and figures, a few things we’ve lost in recent years, some of our troubles, and a bit of pertinent history. Mostly it’s about the individuals and projects battling to preserve the best of the past and make the best of now to ensure a sustainable and just future for all Mancunians.
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