The Food Producers - Uk Food Group conference

En route to sunny spain, for my 7 week research trip to learn the secret to the success of the long term co-operative movement, I stopped in at the UK Food Group conference in London.  'The Producers' was an afternoon of presentations and debate focused on small scale producers: Most food in the world is grown, raised and harvested by small-scale food producers.

The final day and beyond...

Here I am back in Manchester, gradually catching back up with the work (and sleep) that awaited me after such an intensive week in Krems. So the final morning consisted of a kind of a debrief, looking at if the forum had fulfilled our expectations and what we would take back with us from it to our countries and food sovereignty work. It's funny I realised I had no idea what to expect of the forum before I came.

Closing Press Release from Nyeleni Europe 2011.

Press Release- 22 August 2011

Food Sovereignty, a European answer to the crisis!
Krems – Austria – 22nd August 2011

After 5 days of intense, inspired and constructive exchange, the Nyeleni Europe 2011, European Forum for Food Sovereignty, closed yesterday. The Forum adopted the first European Declaration on Food Sovereignty.

Nyeleni Food Sovereignty Forum days 3 & 4

The last two days have been amazing, ending in a rousing presentation of a declaration made up of all the work we have done over the last 4 days, which has incredibly been condensed into a 2 page declaration (available below) and a page of action points (well done that summarising team! - including the UK's very own Patrick Mulveny). The declaration will go public on Monday.

Nyeleni Food Sovereignty Forum day 2

This is just a quick up date as it's been a pretty long and full day (I can't quite believe it's only the 2nd full day). Yesterday afternoon we split into thematic groups - I was in 'markets and organisation of food chains/webs'. People were there from across Europe and from a range of different initiatives - community supported agriculture, community gardens, small producers, academics, food co-ops (sounds a bit like a feedingmanchester - but a lot harder to facilitate!).


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