Agroforestry Project

Agroforestry Project

Find out more about our exciting Kindling Agroforestry Project

Since 2007, we’ve been working with communities, farmers, health providers, activists and policymakers to champion local food production and organic farming, with the aim of creating a fairer and more ecologically sustainable food system for all.

The next stage in our vision is to buy a farm on the edge of the city to scale up our work and create a farming blueprint for the future. The Kindling Farm will use agroforestry and other sustainable farming methods to increase organic and local produce for the people of Manchester and the surrounding area, and demonstrate the most sustainable methods of food production showing that it is not only possible but much better, for soil health, biodiversity, climate change and us.

What is Agroforestry?

What is Agroforestry

What is agroforestry and why do we use it?

Agroforestry is simply farming by combining agriculture with productive trees, so that crops, trees, wildlife and animals are all integrated into one system.

Read more about why we use it and why it's so important to the biodiversity on farms.

You can also view our slideshow to see progress of our agroforestry nursery that was begun in 2021.

Volunteering and Events

Volunteer with Agroforestry team
Volunteering and Events

Throughout the year we have lots of opportunities and workshops for you to get involved in, from apple grafting, tree planting and biodiversity workshops. Check out the calendar of events below to see what's on and register.

We'd also love for you to take part in talks, tree care workshops, or start your own fruit tree orchard. Please get in contact if you would like to collaborate:

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