Tales from the polytunnels

Sun, 06/19/2016

The site is looking more and more like a market garden.  In one of our two polytunnels  we are harvesting and selling!  The mangetout (Sweet Horizon) have been bountiful and we are into a third week of cropping the sweetest pods.  We are lucky to be able to take some of the mangetout home once we have weighed out our orders for Manchester Veg People.  In the same polytunnel we have beds of over enthusiastic oriental leaf (pak choi, hon tai sai and zha chai) some of which we have cropped and sold as “stir fry” leaf bags. Our newly repaired polytunnel is now planted with cucmbers ((Market More) and tomatoes (Green Zebra and Purple Ukraine).

Outside we have needed to adjust our planting plan.  The soil conditions of one area will mean a prolonged period with green manures to improve the soil quality. However our other main outside area is planted with squash, courgettes, carrots, beetroot, chard, spinach and a range of brassicas (sprouting broccoli, sprout flower, kohlrabi, sprouts and cauliflower). Our smaller beds have garlic, more carrots and broad beans growing steadily and well.

Weeding will be a continual focus of our efforts, with steady work on other areas of the site that need to be cleared of a double plastic layer. and shingle. We are enjoying visits to other organic growers in the area, and training to support our practical skills and futures as organic growers.

The gates to the site are always open to anyone visiting Woodbank Park.  A frequent question is about buying the produce.  This will be an important step that may become part of this year's activities. Watch this space!

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