What's Kindling all about?

Since 2007, Kindling has been working for a just and ecologically sustainable society. Working with communities, farmers, activists and policy makers, we use food as a catalyst for environmental and social change. Guided by the Food Sovereignty approach, our work challenges the dominant model of industrial production and widespread food inequality.

Our vision is of a food system in which:

  • We value food, the land and the people who produce it. Sustainable food is seen as a right and not a privilege, and there is equality throughout the food system.
  • There is both increased supply of and demand for local sustainable food. Food is produced in a way that works with ecosystems and protects the soil and biodiversity.
  • There is a proliferation of small scale production and trading systems, that are people not market-led. Science and technology are utilised for good not just profit.
  • A food system in which food sovereignty is achieved!

And a wider society in which:

  • Everyone feels included and valued in society. Communities and activists feel empowered to challenge the root causes of problems and create their own solutions.
  • Communities work in co-operation and develop more effective ways to self-govern and manage the economy. Diverse communities learn from and work with each other to tackle the huge challenges we face, rather than letting the root cause of the problems lead to conflict and further polarisation.

How we're making this happen:

The initiatives we establish and support are progressive yet highly practical, and tackle some of the most pressing issues in food and farming – at every level of this complex system. They include co-operative (stakeholder-owned) organic veg enterprises (Veg Box People and Manchester Veg People), an urban horticulture hub (Woodbank Nursery), training programmes in organic growing (Commercial Growers Course), new farmer incubation (FarmStart), network-building for the sustainable food movement (Feeding Manchester and Feeding Stockport), lobbying for better quality and climate-friendly food policy in our city-region (Sustainable Food Vision), and providing volunteering opportunities in organic food production (Land Army).

What’s next?

After a decade of experience in sustainable food and farming, Kindling is now working to establish a pioneering rural base within 50 miles of the city. Much more than a farm, the Kindling Community Land Initiative will utilise truly regenerative agro-ecological systems for producing & distributing food, include a residential centre for social change, a rural enterprise zone, and affordable, low-impact housing for members.

Find out more about our farm plans!

Who’s involved?

  • Kindling is governed by a team of four directors - with a combined wealth of knowledge and experience in setting up, running and providing support to social enterprises, ecological charities, co-operatives and community organisations and a background in activism.
  • Kindling is part of a close family of environmental organisations (including our home, Bridge 5 Mill) coming under the umbrella of Manchester charity Fairfield Environment Trust (FET). FET is funded by the work of Fairfield Environment Services, and Kindling’s directors are appointed by and accountable to the charity, which in turn, supports our work.
  • A small team of experienced and committed project staff put Kindling’s vision into practice day to day.
  • A whole host of skilled and enthusiastic volunteers give us their time to make our vision a reality, come rain or shine!
  • Thirty Mancunians who work or have an interest in sustainability, social enterprise and farming, form the backbone of the Kindling Community Land Initiative, the community co-operative that will make the farm a reality.
  • We are supported by a number of wonderful organisations and funders who have supported our development.
  • You? If you would like to add yourself to this list, here’s how!

The Kindling Trust is a not for profit social enterprise with charitable aims (Company number: 6136029).
Kindling Trust Ltd - Bridge 5 Mill, 22a Beswick Street, Ancoats, Manchester, M4 7HR