Do you really want to be a Farmer?!

Fri, 09/16/2016

Interested in organic farming but not sure if it’s for you? Considering joining FarmStart or taking part in our Commercial Growers Course? Now is your chance to find out more at our 'Do You Want to be a Farmer' event!

Monday 11th September, 6.30pm, Bridge 5 Mill, Manchester.

Agriculture is key to a healthy planet and no system of farming does more to protect soil, water and biodiversity than organic. Being an organic grower is an incredibly fulfilling job, nourishing people and planet. But it's also fraught with risk, underpaid, and incredibly hard work! Is it for you?? 

Kindling will be hosting an event along with local growers to give you a flavour of what being an organic grower involves, warts and all. It's in preparation for the upcoming application window for our autumn Commercial Growers Course and our FarmStart programme, which provide a supported route into commercial organic veg growing in Greater Manchester.

Explore whether the life of a commercial grower is really what you want, with the co-op members of Glebelands City Growers, who will be talking about their experiences of commercial organic production in Greater Manchester. 

Here’s what a couple of our FarmStart growers have had to say last year:

“The scale is the main difference to what we’ve done before. We’re growing enough to actually sell to wholesalers which is exciting. You also have to think about the quality of the product as it has to be sold so that is quite scary because people won’t buy damaged and discoloured veg!” Jo Payne, 1st year FarmStart grower 2016

“Being a part of FarmStart has shown me the need for diverse community engagement within organic food production. This along with keen observation of the growing site are two things which I believe will stay with me throughout my growing career." Jack Webb, FarmStart Woodbank trainee 2016

If you'd like to come along please email Helen to book:

We are also currently advertising for our Autumn Commercial Growers course which will give a broader experience of what goes into running an organic farm commercially. Applications for the course close 17th Septeber; for more details, please email Helen at


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