Team Activity Days on Local Organic Farms

Team challenge day

Are you looking for a team activity day with a difference? Do you want to give something back to your local community and do something positive for the environment? Combine all of these on a day out at a local farm with the Greater Manchester Land Army

The Greater Manchester Land Army aims to increase local, sustainable food production for Greater Manchester. We work with new organic growers, supporting them on their journey towards establishing viable and productive businesses. Financial instability and the task of getting skills up to scratch are just some of the issues that can make the first couple of years as a grower the most difficult. The Land Army provides the extra pairs of hands that make all the difference during this critical (but exciting!) time. We also work alongside small, existing organic growers, providing occasional help at busy times, to help them maintain successful and flourishing farms.

"We could never have got through the last year without the help of Land Army volunteers. They're always ready to help with whatever needs doing and they have the time to do things we would never have. They're super weeders!" Simon, FarmStart

Join us for a unique insight into the world of farming and your team will:

  1. Spend a day in the great outdoors, getting some exercise is the 'green gym'!
  2. Have the opportunity to harvest produce for your group lunch
  3. Hear first-hand the highs and lows of farming life
  4. Learn about the benefits and challenges of organic farming
  5. Contribute to a sustainable farming sytem
  6. Contribute to your organisation's environmental and CSR commitments

What you can expect on a day out with the Land Army

  • A full morning and afternoon of team activity/challenge - the exact nature of your challenge will depend on the time of year. Spring tasks can include planting, weeding and hoeing. Summer and autumn tasks include weeding, planting and harvesting, while winter tasks may include ground clearance, orchard management and tree planting. 
  • Refreshments and a group lunch which you may get to contribute to by harvesting some of the ingredients if it's the right time of year (season & weather permitting)
  • We will provide gloves, PPE and tools required.
  • Your group will meet the farmers and also receive the full support of Kindling Trust staff who will be on hand throughout the day.
  • Photo opportunities and a personal testimony from your farmer for your office wall or CSR report.

A lasting legacy
Our Land Army work isn’t just about harvesting and weeding, it’s also about creating a legacy to benefit the people of Manchester. One Land Army spent two days grafting fruiting scions onto rootstock to create 350 new apple trees and various trips in the winter & spring involved moving these trees into permanent sites on local farms and to the University of Manchester campus in south Manchester. Not only does this increase access to fresh fruit in our city, but it helps to combat climate change by working towards a more sustainable food system for Greater Manchester.

The cost of a day out with the Land Army is a minimum of £250, depending on your requirements and organisation (we operate a sliding scale). This covers up to 8 people and there is a charge of £25 for each additional person. The charge covers lunch, refreshments, insurance cover, H&S and risk assessments and the Land Army Co-ordinator for the day who is also a qualified first-aider and a contribution to keeping our projects running. We usually take groups of up to ten, but talk to us if your group is larger, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

For more information or to book your business or organisation in for a Land Army Mission, please contact Emily at the Kindling Trust:  Email or head to our contact page.


The Kindling Trust is a not for profit social enterprise with charitable aims (Company number: 6136029).
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