How to Set up a FarmStart

Fri, 04/17/2015
FarmStart Manchester

We’ve had loads of interest from other groups around the UK in our FarmStart initiative, so we’re holding a day on 30th May to pass on everything we know about setting up and running a farm business incubator! It’s open to farmers and non-farmers alike who are interested in setting up a similar programme in their region.

FarmStart Abbey Leys is the UK’s first such initiative, based on inspiring and successful models in Canada and the US, and aims to make the route into organic farming easier.

The day will involve taking you through: what is involved in setting up and running a FarmStart and how we did it. What’s worked and what hasn’t so well and the changes we’ve made along the way (and why). We will also be handing over all the documents we’ve developed - from legal agreements (with both our landlord and the FarmStarters) to induction packs for the FarmStarters, and our costings/Income and expenditure information.

Excitingly we will also have Rebecca Marshall with us from the Community Land Advisory Service with us who helped us develop our legal agreements, so she will be able to answer questions on that area (and on accessing land) that we might not know.

Hannah from Organic Lea (who are now setting up a really exciting FarmStart type project in the Lea Valley in London), said of the first session we held last year:

"The day was inspirational, thorough and honest - the work Kindling are doing is truly pioneering"

The day will start at the Kindling office (in Hulme, Manchester), with a run through of all the information and the documents. We will have lunch there (we’ll provide that – made with delicious local organic goodness!), and answer as many questions as we can that you through at us. We’ll then take you out to FarmStart to have a look at our site, with chance for a quick chat with some of the FarmStarters and any more questions that visiting the site will bring up.

The day will run from 10 – 4.30 (we'll get you back to the office in Hulme for 4.30). It costs £100 per person and we keep it to a smallish group, so that everyone gets to ask all the questions they need to and get enough out of it to go away and set up their own! So if you are interested please get in touch as soon as possible by emailing (or ring on the office number: 0161 226 2242 if you have any questions).


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