A People's Food Plan for Devo Manc – Saturday 3rd Dec

Tue, 10/18/2016

Kindling’s been invited to lead on the food element of the People’s Plan; an independent public engagement programme run by and for citizens and civil society of Greater Manchester. If you're involved with food, join us on Saturday 3rd December to refresh our ‘Sustainable Food Strategy’ to inform and inspire our city's devolution plans. Register here


Devolution deals involving the Council and NHS in Greater Manchester mean huge changes are on their way for our city, with new systems of governance and a metro-mayor election in May next year. The People's Plan is a broad alliance of people, groups and networks aiming to create social, environmental, economic and democratic progress by providing

  • opportunities for GM citizens and civil society to have a meaningful say on GM devolution
  • constructive challenge and improvement of GM strategy and delivery

Their approach is simple – they are creating various ways (of which our event is one) for people, groups and networks across Greater Manchester to explore and contribute views, priorities and proposals on a range of themes, from health to housing. An experienced team will then work through and analyse these contributions and prepare a package of proposals and options with a roadmap and strategies for implementation. Some parts of the People’s Plan we may be able to get on with and implement ourselves; other parts can be championed by our local politicians and the 2017 mayoral candidates.

The event – Saturday 3rd December

11.00 – 2.00 at Bridge 5 Mill, M4 7HR

Our event will feed into this process, providing the basis for the food element of the People's Plan. We’re by no means starting from scratch; over a number of months in 2013 more than 100 groups contributed to our ‘Greater Manchester Sustainable Food Strategy’. This is an opportunity to build on that strategy, with a real opportunity to use it to influence Greater Manchester's devolution process.

We’re calling on community gardeners, food educators, farmers & commercial growers, retailers, allotment societies, chefs and food campaigners to reunite around a plan for making Greater Manchester a Sustainable Food City.

So if your organisation, small business, family firm or community group is focused on food, join us for a few hours on the 3rd of December to change our city for the better.

Register here.

Our existing Sustainable Food Strategy can be found here.

For more information about the amazing People's Plan visit their website

Read journalist Paul Mason's take on the People's Plan in the Guardian here.


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