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Sat 28 Nov 2009

The Kindling Trust is working with staff and pupils of St. Margaret's Primary School and local residents to explore the heritage and history of food growing, cooking and selling in Whalley Range.

The children at St. Margaret's School have been interviewing older people with a particular interest or viewpoint of Whalley Range's food history, in preparation for creating a 2009 calendar.

Sat 28 Nov 2009

We provide logistical support for the training and selection weeks of Peace Brigades International - Guatemala. The weeks are a lot of work (for both the trainers and the participants) and Kindling feels that it is essential that the logisics flow smoothly, allowing the group to focus on their work. It is our role to arrange a suitable and affordable venue, provide materials and transport, look after the training team during the preparation and evaluation process, and provide the meals.

Sat 28 Nov 2009

We were very pleased to host Vicki Cooke, Seed Officer at the Heritage Seed Library, for seed saving workshops at allotment sites in both Levenshulme and Old Trafford.

The two workshops involved over twenty allotment holders and introduced the benefits of saving seeds from your successful plants, the basics of pollination and how different plants are pollinated in different ways and finally how to harvest suitable seeds.

For further information visit the seed saving gallery.

Fri 27 Nov 2009

We were delighted to work with Old Trafford Amateur Gardeners' Society at their Open Day at Seymour Grove Allotments in Old Trafford. The event was a great success, with hundreds of visitors coming and raising 450 pounds. Members of The Kindling trust helped out across the site on the day. We also held two food sampling sessions for kids and parents, where we visited allotments, picked fresh salad leaves, herbs, tomatoes and seasonal fruit and then mixed up individual salad dressings to taste with our freshly picked food.