Woodbank Community Food Hub

Kindling a food revolution during the cost of living crisis

Protestor at Cost of Living Crisis Rally

We are entering one of the worst financial crises of the last few decades, with many people already feeling the squeeze of the cost of living crisis - and things are seeming as if they will only get worse in the coming months. While the cost of living goes up, the national insurance increase may mean that our take-home wage is also decreasing. UK households are facing yet more decisions on whether to heat their homes or eat dinner.

Open Farm Sunday

Open Farm Sunday in the sunshine

Last Sunday we took part in the national Open Farm Sunday event where we opened our gates at Woodbank Community Food Hub to show the work that we do in trying to transform the local food system - it was an absolutely fantastic day, and we are so grateful to everyone for coming down and taking part in our activities.

FarmStarters are halfway through the year!

FarmStarters harvesting broad beans

Hear from our FarmStarters about how they're getting on over at Woodbank - they're halfway through their first year already!


As we’re starting to get into long days and warmer weather, things have started getting busier at Woodbank. We’re starting a little earlier in the day and enjoying working in the polytunnels before the heat makes them too toasty and then making the most of our sun hats to work on the rest of the site for the remainder. 

10 ways to celebrate local food and support local farmers & food systems this Organic September

Image reading: "Organic September, 10 ways to celebrate local food...". The image also features the Veg Box People logo at the bottom-left corner.
Supporting local food systems in order to combat the climate emergency while navigating the current cost of living crisis is a very fine line to tread. As this month is ‘Organic September’, we wanted to offer up 10 simple ways that you can support local, organic farmers and growers as a way of building a more just and robust chain of food production and distribution. Even if you find that only one of these is attainable for the time being, you will be playing your part!

Thoughts from the fields

Aoife showing the various salad leaves she's harvested this year
Kindling’s focus on supporting local organic growers - and our relationship with Veg Box People - has always played an invaluable role in our mission to challenge the food inequalities resulting from the dominant model of profit-driven industrial production. We recently caught up with Aoife, Lead Grower at Kindling’s market garden and FarmStart training site in Stockport. Aoife told us why she feels so passionately about becoming and organic grower and about the importance of getting fresh, seasonal veg out through the lovely bunch at Veg Box People.

Final Thoughts from Our FarmStarters

A photo showing several of our 2022 FarmStarters at Woodbank Community Food Hub, with a textbox overlaid that reads: Final Thoughts from our FarmStarters
We have now had to bid farewell to many of our FarmStart 2022 cohort, having completed their Level 1 year with us in the past few weeks. Although we may be saying ‘goodbye’ to some, it’s also the case that we will soon be saying ‘hello’ to others... namely, those who have signed up for next year’s FarmStart! We’re accepting applications until Sunday 27th November by the way, if you didn’t already know! With all this in mind, we spoke to a couple of FarmStarters from this year’s cohort to get their thoughts on the growing journey they have been on with us…

We're Hiring!

Growers working on a plant

Become a Seasonal Grower at Kindling Trust Market Garden!

Are you ready for an exhilarating opportunity to dive into the heart of sustainable agriculture? We're seeking a passionate individual to join our dynamic team of growers as we embark on a journey of growth and innovation at our bustling market garden site.