Tales From the Field

Fri, 03/27/2015

The Land Army connects busy local veg growers with city dwellers who want to get their hands dirty, with regular missions to help out organic farmers close to the city.  

Participant Rachel Vei shares her Land Army experiences with us…

“I had my first Land Army trip to Moss Brook Growers with the Kindling Trust in Oct 2013.  Although the weather was not pleasant in that morning, grey sky and slightly cold wind, I was so excited. We 8 people were separated into two groups and assigned with different tasks. It was my first time working in such a massive open field, everything was new to me. The first task for my group was distributing garlic cloves and separating the good from the bad so that ready for seeding. We also had job rotation with the other group, and I cropped the first pumpkin in my life that afternoon! The farmer Rob was so kind that allow us bring home some pumpkins that are in good quality but not big enough for sale. 

Some time before the summer holiday last year, I went back to the Moss Brook Growers, and it was about 8 months after my first visit. When I passed by a healthy garlic field during the group tour, it took me few minutes before realising that it was the one I participated in seeding! It felt amazing to see the difference!

I found Land Army was an enjoyable and invaluable experience, meeting new people, getting dirty, making my own contribution to the organic farming—which I think is really important for the environment, and I gained more knowledge about this area than before (you can never over value knowledge)! The experience also encouraged me doing my own planting: I started my experiment of sunflowers and did have beautiful flowers.  These days I am looking after a tomato pot in my flat kitchen, along with some lovely river daisy seeded last year..just keep growing!”

The Kindling Trust is a not for profit social enterprise with charitable aims (Company number: 6136029).
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