Join the campaign!

Join the campaign!

Read more about all the ways you can get involved in our campaign to establish Kindling Farm.

Back in early 2021 we managed to raise over £1million from 624 investors to help us to buy a farm that will eventually become Kindling Farm. It was all thanks to our amazing supporters who helped us reach this point that our dreams of scaling up all the work we've been doing over the past decade are finally becoming a reality.

Since that hugely successful community shares campaign, we have been working hard to find the right farm on which to establish ourselves, and we are nearing the completion of buying a fantastic piece of land with buildings between Liverpool and Manchester.

We're now running our second community shares campaign so that we can welcome even more people to become members of this exciting and pioneering community-owned farm. From the 1st April we'll be inviting people to invest in our farm through our community share offer. Read more below for other ways to get involved in the campaign.

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