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Feeding Greater Manchester is a network of sustainable food practitioners from across Greater Manchester, set up and supported by Kindling.

Members range from from independent businesses and co-ops (commercial organic growers, retailers, caterers etc.), to community food projects; from activists and campaigners to policy makers.

Feeding Greater Manchester holds three networking and strategising events a year, and has its own website to promote sustainable food and connect those working towards a fairer and more sustainable food system.

In 2014, FeedingManchester #15 saw the launch of Gtr Mcr's Sustainable Food Strategy, an ambitious document written with the support of over a hundred groups, small businesses and partners from the public sector at three previous Feeding Manchester events. It is intended to:

  • Inform & inspire - we have taken great examples from across Greater Manchester

  • Encourage us all to look at sustainable food in its entirety – from Fairtrade to animal welfare, from food poverty to health.

  • Give confidence to a growing sustainable food sector that our individual endeavours are part of something bigger.

  • Support groups to grow and work in partnership. We hope groups & businesses will adopt an action from the Strategy, go to a funder or the bank & say we would like resources to do this.

  • Embolden individuals who sit on various working groups and committees discussing food to represent the sector as a whole and advocate sustainable food in its entirety.

  • Motivate our political representatives to take the sustainable food sector more seriously.

For further information about previous Feeding Greater Manchester events or for dates of future meetings, please visit the project website:


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