Woodbank Park goes from strength to strength

Fri, 10/16/2015

Well it's been a busy month and I feel quite giddy.

At FarmStart Abbey Leys I am hopeful that we have chased the last rabbit out of the growing site so now the rabbit fencing will do a successful job! Despite the delayed start to the year, the autumn crops have been doing splendidly; the squash grown by Blackthumb Growers have been a fantastic hit with customers of Manchester Veg People and Unicorn Grocery. It is sad to see the last of the tomato plants leave the polytunnels for this season but we now have the overwintering salads in the ground. Here's to celebrating Christmas with coriander!

At Woodbank Park the site is going from strength to strength; the polytunnels are proving their worth as overwintering veg, especially our peas and spinach, are growing brilliantly. With the help of our dedicated volunteer team at Woodbank, and the ever-enthusiastic Land Army, we have cleared more land of weeds ready for next season and are settling in plants for the winter.

The major excitement at Woodbank, thanks to Stockport Council, is that we now have a whole acre of prime growing space ready for next season a year ahead of schedule! The hard standing base of the former council plant nursery has been carefully excavated, filled with topsoil and just finished landscaping this week. This will really help us develop the training scheme for FarmStart Woodbank in 2016 and greatly expands the range of opportunities and produce we can offer to the Stockport community.

This month we will begin taking applications to FarmStart for both the Abbey Leys and Woodbank sites. The two sites will be operating slightly differently, and Woodbank will only be open to residents of the Stockport area, so if you are interested, please specify which site you are interested in when you apply!

For more information, please contact Alex alex@kindling.org.uk

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