Elsa Eats talks to Veg Box People

Fri, 09/16/2016
Elsa Eats

Elsa Lee, a Learning Technologist at the University of Manchester, has been receiving her veg from Veg Box People for almost a year.

At the University Elsa supports the academic staff to ensure that educational activities match the capabilities of technologies. When Elsa is not working she documents her thoughts on all things food on her fantastic blog, Elsa Eats. We recently met up with Elsa over breakfast to find out more and to ask her how the box scheme fits into her daily life.

Q. Hi Elsa. You write a great blog, Elsa Eats, which details your food adventures in the North West. What inspired you to start writing the blog?

A. I’ve always loved food. With my background [Elsa was brought up in Belfast, by Chinese parents] I think eating has always been an experience for me. Irish and Chinese foods are obviously very different- in school I would eat meat and potatoes for lunch, and then at home I would have mum’s spicy Chinese food for dinner!

Q. Great. So, a little about the box scheme- when did you first sign up, and what made you decide to go for it?

A. I heard about the scheme shortly after it launched and I spent a bit of time debating whether or not to sign up. One day I decided to take the plunge.

Q. Are you glad that you did?

A. Yes, definitely. I love that I’m supporting local farmers and that my money isn’t going to conglomerates- that’s a big thing. Eating local food also means that you’re eating seasonally. Many of the ingredients used in Chinese cooking aren’t grown in the UK; for me, getting a veg box is an easy way of reducing the amount of airfreighted veg in my diet. There are some things we can’t grow here, but there’s still so much that you can.

Q. You have been with us for quite a while now, so we must be doing something right! Are there any other ways that getting a box suits your lifestyle?

A. I like that it’s more convenient than going to the supermarket, because I can pick up my veg on my way home from work. Also, I really like that I can chat to people when I pick up my veg box- it’s nice to touch base every week! Everyone is really friendly, and I feel like there is a bit of to-and-fro- if we have any suggestions you guys take them on board.

Thanks Elsa!

If you want to find our more, or you would like to sign up, take a look at the Veg Box People website or come and see us at our stall - find us outside the Greenhouse Café, near University Place, every Tuesday form 12pm until 5.30 pm. 

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