Corrina Low

Corrina at FarmStart

Having previously looked after Kindling’s Land Army and developed her skills as a grower over three years on our Farmstart programme, Corrina is now responsible for developing our exciting social prescribing pilot at Woodbank.

She’s building relationships with GP surgeries across Stockport to establish a system of referrals for weekly veg bags, healthy eating cookery sessions and physical activity through food growing, for people with moderate health conditions. She’s also carrying out consultation with residents living near Woodbank, to find out how they would like the site to be used.

“I’m managing the referrals we get, co-ordinating the delivery of the veg bags, running the food growing sessions and assisting with the cookery sessions…..and looking at how we can measure the impact of people taking part. We're hoping it will help people manage conditions that perhaps aren't best controlled with medication, and improve their wellbeing generally. It will also give people an opportunity to learn a bit about where their food comes from and why the local food movement is important.”

She’s also involved in carrying out consultation with residents living near Woodbank, to find out how they would like the site to be used and how they would like to engage with the site. For example through attending courses - like cookery or food growing - or getting involved with a community growing space at Woodbank.

After four years delivering therapeutic gardening sessions with the charity Mind, Corrina’s enjoying combining her growing skills with her interest in health and wellbeing, and is really interested in the idea of social prescribing.  “I think it is an important part of what healthcare needs to look like in the future – i.e. a more holistic approach - not just medical interventions”.

She’s inspired by her own experience of growing veg as something nourishing - both mentally and physically, and is keen for more people to experience this. “Hopefully what we're doing at Woodbank - both the social prescribing and community engagement - will help alleviate social isolation, something I feel really strongly about. It's great to be involved in the part of Kindling's work that's about engaging with communities. And being involved in furthering the local organic food movement”. 

Like many of the Kindling team, when she’s not working, Corrina escapes to the countryside as often as possible, to explore on foot or by bicycle. 

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