Kindling strives to share lessons learnt, good practice, information and other resources to aid more effective and efficient working. To that end we have made the following resources available. In return, if you can suggest improvements, or have other useful methods or resources that we could share, then please get in touch. Reources available include:

Interesting Articles

Facts and figures, option and analysis of both our present unsustainable society and calls for a more sustainable future, categoried under production, activism and living. 


Website links to useful and inspiring projects.

Organisational Tools

The following tools aid effective and progressive working practices:

* Tools for Resolving Conflict -building co-operation and improving communication.
* Consensus - method of group decision-making which encourages participation.
* Facilitation - techiques for productive and inclusive meetings.
* Project Management -samples of SWOT analysis, Gannt Chart, SMART objectives, etc.
* Quality Assurance - methods and systems devised to ensure good practice.

Kindling's Publications

Numerous publications writen and instigated by Kindling.

Sample Policies

Examples of Kindling policies including Equal Opportunities Policy, Environmental Policy, Ethical Fund-raising Policy, Volunteer Policy, Health & Safety Policy.


A number of Kindling courses or training events Kindling members have attended have been turned into informative slideshows and can be found in the Galleries section.

The Kindling Trust is a not for profit social enterprise with charitable aims (Company number: 6136029).
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