Our Guiding Principles, Aims and Objectives

The Kindling Trust is defined by six guiding principles that are the foundations both of everything that we do, and of the way in which we work towards our aims and live our lives.

We have developed a number of objectives, that will help us to meet our aims. The table below shows a number of objectives, and gives an idea of how they are related to our overall aims and principles. These are examples, and should not be thought of as an exclusive or exhaustive list of objectives.

Some of the objectives provided may be motivated by more than one principle, and will meet more than one aim.

1. Guiding Principle: Radical (from the Latin meaning to address the root source of a problem)

Aim: Sustainable Activism Objectives:

Be a catalyst for Positive Social Change.

Establish a Centre for Social Change on the Farm.


Develop an influential profile to strengthen the voice of progressive ideas and projects.

2. Guiding Principle: Ecological Sustainability

Aim: Sustainable Living Objectives:

Promote sustainable land use.

Establish a modern commercially viable farm to research and demonstrate sustainable land use.


Produce food sustainably for local consumption and support land-based projects & enterprises.


Construct low-impact buildings that provide housing & services for local need.

Aim: Sustainable Production Objectives:

Ensure responsible resource use.

Develop, demonstrate and share good practice focused on:

  • Zero-waste activities
  • Supply Chain Co-operation
  • Rural-urban partnerships
Aim: Sustainable Avtivism Objectives:

Acknowledge the gravity of climate change and the urgent need for realistic solutions.

Campaign to prevent the worst impacts of climate change, promote mitigation solutions and be a carbon-positive demonstration initiative:

  • Promote appropriate technologies
  • Support and engage the scientific community to promote ecological sustainability.
  • Educate and campaign on climate change

3. Guiding Principle: Local Resourcefulness

Aim: Sustainable Production Objectives:

Strengthen local economies via training opportunities & meaningful employment 

Create a social enterprise hub on the farm.


Establish & promote co-operative and social enterprise networks for trading.


Source goods and services as locally as possible.


Purchase directly from other progressive social enterprises to support the creation of secure and meaningful employment.


Work with communities to seek solutions to rural poverty.


Explore alternative models of investment, wages and pensions, to provide long-term economic security for those working for positive social change.

4. Guiding Principle: Justice

Aim: Sustainable Living Objectives:


Recognise and challenge both local &  global inequality:

social, economic and environmental.

Show solidarity with others working for social change particularly in the Global South.


Identify and promote a standard of living which recognises the need to share global resources more equally.

Sustainable Activism Objectives:

Promote non-violent solutions to resolving global conflict.


Facilitate interaction between different potentially polarised communities.


Provide space and support for organisations who confront violence at an international level. 

5. Guiding Principle: Participatory

Aim: Multi-Element Objectives:
Promoting a truly democratic society

Make science, technology and economics more accessible and responsive for a sustainable society through appropriate technology, rational scientific method and open source solutions.


Provide an extensive, supportive and meaningful volunteer programme at the farm.


Share good practice to encourage co-operative ways of working and living, and support others to do the same.


Form a network of support to provide conflict resolution with and for other like minded initiatives.

6. Guiding Principle: Constructive Approach

Aim: Multi-Element Objectives:

Inspire and create opportunity.

Adopt constructive decision making which focuses on solutions.


Encourage enterprising approaches to overcome challenges


Enable & support people to be in a position to create change.


The Kindling Trust is a not for profit social enterprise with charitable aims (Company number: 6136029).
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