Our Vision In Practice

Tractor work

Kindling works towards a just and ecologically sustainable society, and as a catalyst for social change.

We work with communities, farmers, practitioners, activists, and policy makers to create and support progressive projects that bring about lasting and genuine change.

Building on our existing projects, over the next three years we will establish a rural base within 50 miles of Manchester which will include a farm, Eco-housing, social enterprise hub and social change centre. There, building on our existing projects, we aim to create models for Sustainable Production, Sustainable Living and Sustainable Activism.

Sustainable Production: by supporting and establishing a rural social enterprise zone and promoting network production, as a demonstration of a viable local economic system that brings together the countryside and the city, revitalising communities and encouraging local resilience. 

Sustainable Living: by demonstrating that it is possible to live well whilst minimising the ecological impact of our actions and acknowledging the need to share global resources more equitably, recognising rights, equality and responsibilities at a local and international level.

Sustainable Activism: by promoting a way of working and living that enables everyone to take part and have their say, dealing with problems at their root cause and supporting people to develop their ideas and push for positive social change.

The foundations of this project will be a farm complex with approximately one hundred hectares of land. We aim to purchase in late 2017, and develop the project over the following five to seven years.

Please follow each section of the menu above to find out more about each particular theme: Sustainable Production, Sustainable Living and Sustainable Activism.

The Kindling Trust is a not for profit social enterprise with charitable aims (Company number: 6136029).
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