About Us

If the Farmer is poor, so is the whole country...

The Kindling Trust was registered in 2007, to work for a just and ecologically sustainable society.

We act as a catalyst for social change through progressive yet practical projects, and our eventual aim is to establish a rural base where we can bring together, demonstrate and build on all three strands of our work – Sustainable ProductionSustainable Living and Sustainable Activism.

Much of our current work is based around food (production, consumption and activism) as a vehicle for tackling some of today’s most pressing social, economic and environmental problems. We work with communities, farmers, activists and policy makers to challenge the dominant model of industrial production and work towards true Food Sovereignty  by creating and supporting fair, sustainable alternatives. We also advocate for and support those in the Global South working in similar ways.  

Whilst highly practical, our work is inspired and guided by a radical perspective that identifies the need for significant social change. Our work around food closely mirrors the Food Sovereignty approach developed by small-scale farmers worldwide. 

The rural base we hope to create will include pioneering systems for producing & distributing food, a residential centre for social change and a rural enterprise zone, plus low-impact housing for members.

Kindling is made up of

  • A team of four directors - Chris Walsh, Helen Woodcock (co-founders of Merci, Manchester), Emily Farrow and Debbie Clarke - with a combined wealth of knowledge and experience in setting up, running and providing support to social enterprises, ecological charities, co-operatives and community organisations and a background in activism.
  • Eight experienced project and support staff.
  • And a host of committed and highly skilled volunteers.

We are supported by a number of organisations and funders who have aided different aspects of our development or specific projects. They are listed on the Funders & Supporters page.

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The Kindling Trust is a not for profit social enterprise with charitable aims (Company number: 6136029).
Kindling Trust Ltd - Bridge 5 Mill, 22a Beswick Street, Ancoats, Manchester, M4 7HR